Carine leads a monthly writing workshop in Redondo Beach. Contact her if you're interested: Tuesday evenings, once a month, 6:30-8:30.  $25


Online Mentoring serves beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers who need constructive criticism on new work or work in progress. I am offering poets individually tailored, one-on-one assistance with their poetry. My goal is to enable you to strengthen and sustain your writing, and complete your projects. You, the poet, can work from the convenience of your own home in flexible time frames using e-mail.

All writers need constructive criticism on their work, whether it's getting through a first draft, submitting poems to journals, or readying a manuscript for publication. You may need a complement to workshops or conferences. Online Mentoring allows you to incorporate your writing into your life in sustainable ways.

Here's how Online Mentoring works:

You simply submit a one page statement about your goals: what are you most interested in pursuing in your writing; in which direction would you like to see your work moving; how do you feel about your writing at this point in your life—your strengths/weaknesses. Also, attach one or several poems you would like critiqued. I reply after reading your work, commenting on it in detail, directing your work, and giving advice. My time will include reviewing and reflecting upon your writing, forming questions, creating writing exercises for you, and recommending books. Any questions you may have, any observations or comments, include in your e-mail, then attach your poems. Remember: this one-on-one exchange is confidential and your work will not be shared with anyone else. Time spent will be noted on all work.

Fees: I ask that you commit to 3-hours, paid in advance. The fee $150, significantly lower than the cost of Online Mentoring through universities. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I look forward to working with you soon.