"With her warm, generous nature and no-nonsense approach, Carine has been extremely helpful in guiding me to find the essence of the poems I write. Her passion for writing and teaching is inspiring."


"Carine is a fantastic online mentor. Whenever I submit poems for her review, she promptly responds with detailed and practically helpful comments. During the mentorship, Carine regularly exposed me to new poets, literary criticism and literary events. When my poetry hit a ceiling, Carine's writing exercises and insightful critiques helped me push past it. Based on the poems I wrote under her guidance and tutelage, I was honored with a 2008 PEN Emerging Voices Fellowship."



"I joined Carine's workshop about two years ago and have found her enthusiasm for both writing and reading poetry truly inspirational. My imagination and skills are stretched and refined because she encourages us, her students, to explore many forms of poetry through recommended reading and excercises. Her warmth and encouragement as well as her honest feedback and helpful comments--and, oh yes, her fine sense of humor--make my monthly Tuesday workshops with Carine among my favorite writing experiences."

 — KATHLEEN GOLDMAN, author, Down River



"I began working with Carine after I’d studied with other poets, had a bit of success getting my work published in journals, and completed and published a manuscript.  But I was stuck.  My work felt stale.  I was looking for inspiration.  I found it with Carine.  She introduced me to new authors and gave me exercises that inspired my writing.  She is a fine editor. Her experience, expertise, and suggestions have opened new avenues for my work." 

— ELAINE MINTZER, author, Natural Selections